• How to get free food  
        With the price of food items and groceries rising every year, it has left people wondering if there are ways they can cut back on their grocery bills. But the truth is that we can’t starve our way out in order to lower our daily food consumptions. A better way out would be how to get free food and look for such options. There are ways to get free food whenever we can to fill in the gaps. Given below are some options where you can get some ideas on how to get free food. 

      • Look around
        If you look carefully around you, you will find plenty of free food growing in woods or available on seashore. Learn to identify everything from herbs to fruits to leafy vegetables and shellfish. But get info first on what to eat and what is to be left alone. 

      • Become a mystery shopper
        There are several mystery shopping agencies like GFK, ESA, TNS-Global or JSK where all you need to so is sign up for the free restaurant visits offered by the agency. All you need to do is have free dinner or lunch out there and do a write for them online. The best part is you get paid for doing it. 

      • Try Freegans
        Everyday, loads of food that is past their sell-by dates but still is in good condition and good to eat is dumped by supermarkets. You can find food in best condition absolutely for free behind major supermarkets in their bins. Most of these contain tinned items. 
        Exchange with friends 
        Many times we have food left in our cupboards which we don’t want but maybe our friends do. You can take a look at their cupboards and exchange food items to benefit mutually.  This idea on how to get free food is especially beneficial among gardening friends who can share their produce.

        Grow your own food 
        Even if you have the tiniest of patch in your backyard, you can always grow something useful in it. Growing your own vegetables and fruits gives one a great monetary and personal satisfaction. You can always re-use the seeds of your harvest. 

        Get free food samples 
        Many grocery stores often give free food samples when launching a new product. You can walk through the aisles in search for them and save on your budget. The web too is flooded with such free food samples. Only you have to know where to look for them. 

        Collect free coupons Many big companies and stores out there like Wal-Mart distribute free coupons for certain food items, so as to advertise their product and attract customers. Make use of these grocery coupons to try out some new products for free and save on your budget.

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