• Why are the free magazines free 
        With the colossal growth in the opportunities available online, it is no wonder to see almost everyday magazine available online. Information is immediately available in these electronic counterparts of magazines online and many of these are absolutely free. Magazine editors realize the power of internet to reach to a much wider audience and are trying to expand their business by offering their magazine for free. You must have already seen those advertisements promoting free magazine subscriptions. 
        You will come across almost every type of magazine you can imagine, offering free subscriptions, both online and offline. Ranging from sports, computer, cooking, home, gardening, entertainment, you name it, they have it. It is great to know that bulks of these magazines are completely free and available to anyone. And even some big names in magazines are offering you their literature at a very low price. 

        Why free magazines 
        Well, it is easy to guess. This is an attempt by these magazines to gain more publicity and more readers. Sometimes the customer is given the choice of trying out a restricted time subscription offer to quite a few magazines, before he decides to actually sign up for a magazine. These offers are absolutely free and when you reflect about it, it’s really a very nice deal! And, it is all in the hopes of retaining you as a new reader while reaching out to new ones.

      •   As brand visibility is very essential fro the success of any business. Offering magazines for free is much better idea than spending a lot on advertising and marketing. The magazines not only build their brands faster but also make their presence felt in the mind of readers. You can always check out the magazine’s website to look for any special offers.

        Where to look for free magazines
        As a freebie hunter, you should be aware of some common ways of getting free magazines absolutely free. Read on to know how. 

        • Publishers 
          Although it is not easy getting free magazines  directly from the publishers, but even publishers offer 1 year subscription for free so as to market their product.
        • Consumer magazine 
          Some more popular consumer magazines such as PC magazine, FHM and Maxim offer magazines for free. Many magazines like Freebie-magazine or Magcentral are sponsored by a third party sponsor, although you may have to fill out a short form or a survey to get the magazine for free.
        Trade magazine 
        Trade magazines like CFO or Oracle are often flexible and adjust their ad rates. As these are different from consumer magazines, trade magazines will be seen asking a lot of questions from their prospective readers about their job and interests before giving the free offers.

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